TRACY IS THE BEST!!! MUST READ IF YOU NEED A JOB!!!!! Months went by. I went through several temp agencies from Henderson, KY, to Evansville, IN, and my experiences with them were terrible. I was treated like a nobody and I was in serious trouble money-wise. Then I found J.O.S. Staffing, but it wasn’t just J.O.S. Tracy, the lady in the J.O.S. office was so helpful and kind, and in no time I had a job!!! I give all the credit to Tracy. She put her heart into finding me a job. I cannot say this about any of the other companies. If you need a job, make sure you ask for Tracy at J.O.S. because she will help you and make you feel like you’re worth it. Being down on your luck is not a good feeling, but Tracy found me a great-paying job and good people to work for. I love her so much. I love you, Tracy! You’re awesome!!!