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A Smarter Way to Staff

Hiring and staffing can be time-consuming, tedious, and full of risks. From keeping critical roles filled to attracting qualified talent, these challenges can exhaust company resources and prevent your team from excelling.

There is a smarter solution: Partner with J.O.S. Staffing. Since 2009, we have helped Tri-state businesses like yours accomplish more by streamlining access to candidates whose skills and backgrounds match their needs. But we do more than just deliver great workers. Our experts will help you use staffing intelligently to drive productivity, maintain safe work environments, and reduce overall labor costs.

When you work with J.O.S., you gain a team of dedicated partners who continually strive to understand your business’s goals and challenges—and provide solutions that make staffing and hiring feel effortless.

Staffing, Recruiting, and HR Services

Direct Hire

When you are ready for a full-time hire, streamline your search and eliminate risk with J.O.S. Staffing’s recruiting services. We will source, recruit, interview, and screen the people who most closely match your ideal candidate profile, ensuring you hire qualified talent without losing focus.


Make your next hire with confidence by utilizing our temp-to-hire staffing services. You can see how a candidate performs on a temporary assignment, ensuring their skills and personality align with your company culture. If it is a great fit, you will have the option to convert the candidate to your staff at no additional cost.

Temporary Staffing
Whether you need to cover for an employee on leave or simply keep up with fluctuating business demands, your company may need workers on a short-term basis. J.O.S. Staffing provides qualified temporary employees who can contribute the skills you need, when you need them.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Need ongoing support in recruiting great candidates? J.O.S. can manage every aspect of your company’s recruiting process, from initial sourcing to final offers. We will continually work to reduce your hiring time, increase your productivity, and ensure an outstanding experience.

Executive Search
Hiring the next member of your leadership team requires dedication and a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and goals. J.O.S. can source and screen both active and passive candidates to find an experienced professional who will help lead your business into the future.
Place your contract and temporary employees on J.O.S. Staffing’s payroll. We assume full responsibility for paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits, and other administrative tasks—so you can give your attention to other company priorities.

People We Place

We source qualified candidates from the following industries:

Light Industrial

Administrative & Clerical

Accounting & Finance

Warehouse & Shipping

Skilled Trades


Executive Search

Staffing, Recruiting, and HR Services

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