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Job Seekers Testimonials

What Our Candidates Have To Say

J.O.S. Staffing is an excellent place to find something that fits you and have full-time employment.

Rachel I., Extrusion Operator

I love working with them. They got me a job at Habitat for Humanity. Traci is very nice too.

Blake H., Warehouse

I applied at the Henderson location, and literally the next morning, I was given a call to come put in an application. When I got there, Traci was just awesome! She was very professional and more than willing to help me find employment. There was an opportunity at Hydro Aluminum,, but they required a resume, and I was clueless about how to make one, so Traci walked me through the entire thing. She was very helpful and had more than enough patience! After I left the office, I was called for an interview the very next day and received a temporary position! After about three or four months, Hydro offered me a full-time position starting at almost $20 an hour. I’m more than pleased with their services and highly recommend them!!! Thank you, J.O.S Staffing, for literally changing my life!!!

Nick B., Maintenance

J.O.S. Staffing is quick to help and build good relationships with their clients.

Jake L., Warehouse Coordinator

They were very helpful and got me a job. J.O.S. Staffing found what I was looking for, and they were very nice while helping me.

Roosevelt M., Carpet Cleaner

I really liked J.O.S. Staffing. They had great customer service skills and made me feel wanted at the workplace.

Jordan B., Plate Cleaner

They were helpful in every way, especially Ashley.

Kevin S., Production Line Worker

I needed a job, and J.O.S. Staffing was quick to offer me one right away. I started working and have been with them for three weeks now.

Eric B., Technician


Jeremiah A., 2nd Shift Extrusion

I absolutely love J.O.S. Staffing. I called, and a woman named Crystle asked me to come down to the building and pretty much gave me the job on the spot. It is an amazing business for anyone in need of a job FAST!

Jaylee G., Picker/Packer

If you’re looking for an agency to find you a job, J.O.S. Staffing is your best bet!! Traci is a killer, and Crystle is a beast! Both gals are very friendly and professional. They could help you find a job with a snap of their fingers! Think twice before going elsewhere!

Paul C., Receiving

This place is awesome. They get you in somewhere quickly and are taking very good precautions with covid. Highly recommend.

Latisha W. “Production”

We were in and out of the J.O.S. Staffing staffing office in 45 minutes with a job starting the next day. The staff was so kind and courteous. We felt so good about ourselves when we left.

Darlena S. “Operator”

Very nice staff. Quick to get you the right job.

Michael T., Freight Unloader

I needed a job quickly. J.O.S. Staffing put in extra time to get me one. They took a chance, and it worked out perfectly. It’s a great place with good people. They will bend over backward to help you if they can. J.O.S. is a 100% great place to use and work for. I rate Mark and Lisa 10/10. They are awesome. Thank you, guys!

Gina Y., Industrial Cleaner

They were very professional. I worked with Crystle. She placed me with a company that matched my skill set with the hours and pay rate I had requested! I highly recommend J.O.S. Staffing Services!

Valerie B. “Receptionist.”

Good people.

Keenin B., Sorter

I can’t believe how fast Traci got me a job. She is so sweet and kind. I will always go to J.O.S for a job. Thank you, Traci, for being so nice to me and helping me find a job in less than an hour.

Jessica G., Sanitation

The ladies were super sweet and very helpful, getting me all the information I needed and a job I enjoy.

John S

TRACY IS THE BEST!!! MUST READ IF YOU NEED A JOB!!!!! Months went by. I went through several temp agencies from Henderson, KY, to Evansville, IN, and my experiences with them were terrible. I was treated like a nobody and I was in serious trouble money-wise. Then I found J.O.S. Staffing, but it wasn’t just J.O.S. Tracy, the lady in the J.O.S. office was so helpful and kind, and in no time I had a job!!! I give all the credit to Tracy. She put her heart into finding me a job. I cannot say this about any of the other companies. If you need a job, make sure you ask for Tracy at J.O.S. because she will help you and make you feel like you’re worth it. Being down on your luck is not a good feeling, but Tracy found me a great-paying job and good people to work for. I love her so much. I love you, Tracy! You’re awesome!!!

Shannon M., Industrial Sewing

J.O.S. Staffing has done a wonderful job of finding me employment in a timely manner. The personnel is courteous and very helpful throughout the process. Traci has done a super job of finding work that accommodates my skill set for part-time and permanent opportunities. I thank them all and highly recommend their services to anyone needing employment.

Scott W.

Great people who are willing to help with every step you take.

Luci H.

They got me a very good paying job.

Jared M., Sanitation