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The story behind our staffing firm—and our name.

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What Does J.O.S. Stand For?

It’s a question we hear a lot—and the answer is at the heart of our company mission.

When we founded J.O.S. Staffing in 2009, we wanted to respond to a challenge: an ever-widening gap between talented job seekers and the quality companies that needed their skills. We noticed it becoming more and more difficult not only for employers to source and hire qualified workers, but for dedicated job seekers to be placed with excellent companies in roles that made full use of their skill set.

J.O.S. saw an equal need on both sides of the gap—candidates needed jobs and opportunities, while employers needed solutions. Our driving goal is to use our staffing services to build a bridge over this gap, so that candidates and employers can meet one another and form effective working partnerships.

Simply put: we provide the Jobs, the Opportunities, and the Solutions that our clients and candidates need.

Of course, there is a secondary meaning to our name. As a locally owned and operated business, we are proud to be on a first-name basis with our clients, candidates, and other members of the community. Even now, it is not unusual for us to get a call from someone asking to speak with “Jim or Susan”—the owners of J.O.S. Staffing.

So, what does J.O.S. stand for?

It stands for “Jobs, Opportunities, Solutions.” It also stands for “Jim or Susan.”

Whichever name you use, J.O.S. Staffing is here to be a dedicated partner in your staffing or employment needs.

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