Why J.O.S. Staffing?

Great jobs. Great benefits. People who care.

Admin staff with welder

A Better Way to Find a Job

Endless applications. Unresponsive employers. Temp agencies and recruiters who offer you jobs that do not match your interests or skill set. These are just a few of the challenges you may face during a traditional job search.

There is a better way to find your next role. When you work with J.O.S. Staffing, you are not just working with one of the top job agencies in Evansville, Henderson, and Owensboro—you are streamlining your path to a career opportunity that fits your lifestyle. Our expert team members take the time to understand your background, your skill set, and your goals, and offer you the roles that best match.

It should not be too much to ask to quickly secure a job you love with an employer who values you. J.O.S. Staffing can help you do just that.

An Employment Agency That Respects You

Too many traditional staffing agencies view workers as numbers rather than people. J.O.S. Staffing sees things differently.

Imagine walking into an employment agency in Evansville, Henderson, or Owensboro and being welcomed as a valued guest. Imagine receiving the same high level of respect and professionalism regardless of your background or skill set—whether you are searching for warehouse jobs in Henderson, engineering roles in Owensboro, or executive positions in Evansville. With J.O.S. Staffing, you will feel comfortable, confident, and supported throughout your job search, secure in the knowledge that you will be matched with opportunities that fit your goals and experience.

This is the service we deliver to all the candidates we work with. No matter your industry or professional goals, you will find the jobs you need, the opportunities you want, and the respect you deserve.

Benefits To Support Your Life and Work

A great job should not just pay the bills—it should support your lifestyle. People employed through J.O.S. Staffing have access to the following benefits:

Medical Benefits

Weekly Paychecks

Sign-On Bonus
(as determined by employer)

Referral Bonus

Attendance Awards

Vacation Pay
(as determined by employer)

Paid Holidays
(as determined by employer)

Entrust Your Job Search to People Who Care